Heather Knight at the 2011 Robotics Institute Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

robot ( \rō-bät) noun - 1: a machine that looks like a human being and performs various complex acts (as walking or talking) of a human being; also : a similar but fictional machine whose lack of capacity for human emotions is often emphasized; 2: a device that automatically performs complicated often repetitive tasks; 3: a mechanism guided by automatic controls; 4: a creation limited only by your imagination.

The Advisory Committee's Goals

Increase the general awareness among Members of Congress of the challenges and issues facing the robotics industry.

Educate Members of Congress and congressional staff on current & future research and development, and utilization initiatives.

Serve as a forum for exchange of ideas and where robotics-related policy issues can be debated and discussed.

Ensure that our nation remains globally competitive as the robotics industry expands and further affects the way we live our lives.

Robots go where it's dirty, dull, or dangerous. They reduce exposure to toxins and perform jobs nobody should, as in pipeline inspections. Robots increase accuracy and reliability on assembly lines and improve speed, producing cheaper mass-produced goods. They reduce risk to the military and First Responders, and go where humans can't.

If you would like more information about the advisory committee, please contact Erica Wissolik at (202) 530-8437, or Debbie Tekavec at (202) 547 8515.


Last Updated: 03 November 2015


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